Standard delivery in England and Wales

Spiceup Sauce is despatched Wednesday to Fridays and you should allow up to 5 days for delivery although in practice deliveries are usually made with 2 days of despatch. 

The standard delivery cost is :

0 - 1kg : £3.35

1 - 2kg : £4.55

2 - 10kg : £7.00

10 - 15kg : £9.50

Over 15kg : free

Please note that a 260g bottle weighs approximately 514g, a 540g bottle weighs approximately 885g.

Deliveries outside England & Wales

Deliveries to locations outside of England & Wales can be accessed through one of our web based partners which can be found by searching on "Spiceup Sauce" in your browser. Alternatively please contact us 

International Deliveries

Spiceup Sauce does not deliver outside the England & Wales but special arrangements can be made for large deliveries and international shipments by contacting Spiceup Sauce direct at


Spiceup orders are despatched Wednesday to Friday. Where possible it is advised taking delivery at a business premises where someone will be available throughout working hours. It is also possible to send goods to a friend or neighbour if they at home during the day. Please note it is not possible to give multiple alternatives for the delivery address. Spiceup Sauce cannot accept responsibility for addresses (including postcode) provided incorrectly, for non delivery to the intended recipient or for delays in delivery due to Acts of God. Please note it is a requirement of the courier company that we must have the telephone number at the delivery address.


In the interest of our environment where possible we may re-use packaging and we hope that you will recycle or re-use packaging used for shipping your product.