About Spiceup Sauce

Spiceup Sauce was born in the heart of the New Forest, where it is still made today. Much is owed to a productive Victoria plum tree which year after year provided an abundance of fruit.


Like many recipes, Spiceup Sauce arose from

the need to preserve food for eating later. The

first Spiceup Sauce “brew” was produced in

2010 following a bumper crop of plums and for

its first 10 years was produced in a home kitchen.


Responding to feedback from friends and

relatives the Spiceup Sauce recipe has

developed in to a unique blend of natural ingredients which are healthy and taste delicious.


Obsessed with flavour, those same friends and relatives have encouraged the sharing of this secret. Spiceup Sauce started to be produced on a larger scale from late 2019; albeit still from the home kitchen and cooked by enthusiastic people who enjoy a spiced up life and live in The New Forest. The future for Spiceup Sauce is exciting and fun; watch this space.

Your feedback is important so please email info@spiceupsauce.com with your experience and any recipes that you are happy to share.

Spiceup Sauce branding (Said with tongue in cheek)

Spiceup Sauce is a brand that should be in everyone’s face with a name that rolls off the tongue.

                                   Spiceup Sauce “does what it says on the tin” or this case the                                            bottle. We hope that Spiceup Sauce will set tongues wagging.                                         Although the sauce speaks for itself, don’t bite your tongue,                                              but spread the Spiceup Sauce experience. Mouth off a little                                              and  help Spiceup Sauce be on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

It’s no slip of the tongue to say that Spiceup Sauce is produced in The New Forest and the branding colours take from the surroundings:

  • Purple of the moorland heather

  • Yellow of the gorse flowers

  • Green of the grazed grass and forest trees

 This is not smooth talk; try Spiceup Sauce and spread the word. Help us get this licked.